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After Losing DACA Protections, Undocumented Immigrant Forges New Life In Mexico – NPR – SAKAI BBS BLOG

Se coordinan autoridades por la temporada de huracanes – Nota Tamaulipas

Protections against deportation for some 700,000 undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children remain in place two days after the DACA program was to expire, the Department of Homeland Security announced Wednesday.

Life as an Undocumented immigrant. san diego, this study examines life for undocumented immi – grants in North County, California, near San Diego.. leave Mexico and come to the United States.

For the Undocumented, an End to DACA Can Mean a Dream Denied September 18, 2017 "I have hope that I’ll be able to graduate from college, work and live the life everyone else gets to live – without fearing deportation."

Luis Angel Aguilar, 29, applied for DACA protections in 2013. Aguilar was born in Mexico. "My family crossed the border when I was about 10 or 11 years old in Arizona," he said. "I crossed with my mom and my siblings." Aguilar’s father had previously immigrated illegally and was deported roughly four years later.

After receiving my DACA status, I never truly experienced the fear of being undocumented. That changed election night. Ever since I have been shaking with fear because Trump’s campaign promises.

Ven desafos de Mxico y EU

It’s been five years since the Obama-era Deferred Action for childhood arrivals (daca) initiative granted undocumented immigrants the ability to receive temporary deportation relief and work authorization. In this time, upwards of 800,000 immigrants have began their first jobs, opened their first bank account, bought cars and other major consumer.

Estudiante cruza la frontera para que su padre la vea con toga de graduacin

When divided by 181 – the number of days between Sept. 5 and March 5-that comes to 120 daca recipients on average losing deportation protections daily, along with the work permits that come.

Trump’s undocumented former employees call on president to spare them from deportation. More than 20 undocumented workers previously employed by President Donald Trump’s company have requested a meeting with their former boss to discuss how to update the country’s immigration system and to ask for protection from deportation.

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