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Florida mayor: Trump hotels should take in migrants

Not Just Florida: Border Patrol To Fly Thousands Of Illegal Migrants To San Diego

 · The Trump administration’s executive order targeting illegal immigrants is in serious trouble after a florida judge issued a 15-page ruling on a Petition for Habeas Corpus (), that declares it is unconstitutional for local jails to hold immigrants with ICE detainment orders after state authority ends.A Florida man from Haiti, James Lacroix, was arrested for driving without a license and.

Florida officials are. considered immigrant friendly," the mayor called the plans "inhumane." And he issued a threat of his own, saying that the county should bring those who couldn’t find shelter.

Florida mayor: Trump hotels should take migrants. By: Catherine E. Shoichet and David Shortell, CNN. a CBP official said there were no plans to send migrants to Florida "immediately," adding.

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Florida officials brace for possible influx of migrants. palm beach county mayor mack Bernard, a Haitian-born Democrat, said at a news conference.. Trump's domestic policy – South Florida officials said they have been told to. county should bring those who couldn't find shelter “to the Trump hotels.

A possible government plan to send migrants who are in federal custody to South Florida sparked concern from local officials this week, and one mayor offered a proposal of his own. "Bring them to the Trump hotels and ask the President to open his heart and home as well," Broward County Mayor Mark Bogen said.

 · After hearing of a plan to release migrants in South Florida, Broward County Mayor Mark Bogen offered his own proposal, suggesting Trump hotels should take them in.

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A South Florida mayor has offered up a proposal to deal with the. bring them to Trump hotels and ask president donald trump to open up his own "heart and home.. If U.S. immigration officials do leave asylum seekers stranded in South. folks seeking refuge should be treated with dignity," Frankel said.

U.S. Border Patrol will begin transporting more than 1,000 migrants a month to South Florida. have the resources to take in the "infux of illegal immigrants." The Republican governor has been.

 · Florida mayor: Trump hotels should take in migrants.. a CBP official said there were no plans to send migrants to Florida "immediately," adding that the agency has been in "preliminary.