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For drug cartels, offshore companies are a good fix

Drug cartels and other organized crime syndicates typically employ a number of methods to evade the authorities and hide their crimes. Learn about drug cartels and organized crime, and much more, at FindLaw’s Criminal Charges section.

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The drug cartels pose a threat to the refinery operations of state oil firm Pemex, which owns the nation’s six refineries. The number of illegal taps discovered along Mexico’s fuel lines increased fivefold between 2011 and 2016, while costs to repair them increased tenfold, to the equivalent of $95 million, according to a report from the.

It doesn’t do us much good to talk. With harder drugs, it has deadly ramifications. At home, the administration’s early crackdown on prescription opioids helped drive the current spike in heroin.

How narcotics gangs turn drug money into real estate or other assets, helped by teams of accountants and lawyers. For drug cartels, offshore companies are a good fix | Macon Telegraph SECTIONS

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Along with the Guadalajara Cartel, the Sinoloa Cartel, Tijuana Cartel, Jurez Cartel, and Gulf Cartel are among the largest and most famous drug cartels in the world. 1. Guadalajara Cartel

Any drug company would be able to manufacture non-brand name versions of the very same drug, so-called “generics.” And for a while, the system worked well. Not anymore.

For good measure, the Iranian government maintains an outsized track record of using shell companies – especially American. funds – nor ignoring the most glaring signs of drug cartel money.

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For a firm that specializes in setting up hard-to-trace offshore companies for clients around the world, confidentiality is a must. The law firm tried to block the subpoena by denying that its Las Vegas operations, run by a company called M.F. Corporate Services (Nevada) Limited, were part of the Mossack Fonseca group.

2017 Pulitzer Prize: The Miami Herald spent months studying secret files dubbed "The Panama Papers" leaked from inside law firm Mossack Fonseca to investigate how people accused of wrongdoing.

Mexico’s Cartels Are Ditching Drugs for Oil Published in Oil Industry News on Wednesday, 31 january 2018 mexico’s energy reform that ended a state monopoly has so far fared fairly well in the upstream sector, with oil majors snatching up offshore oil blocks in auctions.