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Trump Shares Video of Pelosi as She ‘Stammers Through News Conference’

Trump on Thursday tweeted a separate Fox News video of Pelosi which appeared to have been edited to focus on sections of a speech in which she stuttered and mispronounced certain words, with the.

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 · The video is cut to show various instances through the speech where Pelosi stammered her words and struggled to piece together coherent sentences. “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” the president captioned the video. The end of the video shows Fox Business host Lou Dobbs speaking with Fox Business Political Analyst Ed Rollins.

President Trump continued his showdown with Speaker Pelos regarding oversight of the. watch nancy Pelosi says Trump needs 'an intervention'. 0 Shares. an edited video of Pelosi earlier in the day titled "Pelosi stammers through news conference.. Trump said, “Well, I don't know about the videos.

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Trump shares edited video of Pelosi appearing to ‘stammer’ through speeches President Trump shared an edited video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday, mocking the Democratic leader for various moments during a press conference earlier in the day where Pelosi appeared to misspeak.

Trump shared one heavily edited video on Twitter, which was first featured on Fox News, accusing the speaker of "stammering" through a news conference.. Pelosi added, "I think they have proven – by not taking down.

 · President Donald Trump tweeted out a video Thursday night showing Nancy Pelosi stumbling over words at her latest press conference in the.

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Trump shared a version on Twitter with the caption, “PELOSI STAMMERS THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE.” "We have. I think wittingly, because right now they are putting up something that they know is false. I think it's.

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On Thursday, Trump escalated a battle with house speaker nancy Pelosi, posting a Fox Business Network clip where Pelosi allegedly "stammers though [a] news conference." The clip showcased Pelosi stuttering and jumbling her words in a 35-second mashup of a lengthy news conference.

 · President Donald Trump shared a video Thursday of speaker nancy pelosi stammering through a press conference. “pelosi stammers THROUGH NEWS CONFERENCE,” he wrote on Twitter, featuring a highlight clip from fox business anchors analyzing Pelosi’s future as Speaker of the House.