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Which New War Next: Iran or Venezuela? – Russia News Now

 · U.S. Military Leaders Are Worried That A War With Russia Could Start By Accident. You know, in a confrontation over that diplomatic confrontation with NATO and the European Union and the U.S., Russian president vladimir putin denied doing that and then pushed it even farther, basically daring nato to respond.

Russia warned the U.S. on Thursday not to intervene militarily in Venezuela, saying such a move would trigger a catastrophe. Iran described the opposition’s claim there that it holds the presidency as a "coup" and an attempt to take over power unlawfully.

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Will the next war be with North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela? Which one would you bet on? Venezuela became the crowd favorite early this year because of the disaster plaguing the oil-rich South American nation. After years of economic mismanagement through socialism and the effects of.

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Will Venezuela be a capitalist country in the next year? Did Christopher Columbus discover or invade America? What would be your plan if you heard in a hour that North Korea was going to invade, kill, and destroy the US Which country is the US most likely gonna invade, North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela?

A war in Venezuela, either through a coup or through direct US military action would amplify current unstable conditions to a maximum. Regardless of what part of the world the next regional conflagration emerges, regardless if it is led by the Trump Administration, it is up to us to say no.

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They just know that they want a new war, an exciting war, a winnable war against a poor Third World country, a war that will cause Americans to forget about the ongoing fiascoes in the Middle Ideally from their standpoint, the choice will be made easier for them if either Iran or Venezuela strikes first.

Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War. so everybody had the basis to know that all the WikiLeaks material and the fake news were tied to Russia. There was no action we could have taken to stop the.

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Rating Newest Oldest. Until then it will be a war of words between diplomats, mercenaries, tribal groups, psychology/civil affairs, and economics. The current Secretary of State wants a war with Iran as do the Saudis, but who knows when you have a nut running things who can’t keep a staff longer.